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The Oncology Division is committed to educating physiotherapists and the general public about the essential role of cancer rehabilitation in the continuum of cancer care.

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We are dedicated to providing our members with the latest continuing education opportunities in order to promote research and evidence-based practice. 

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We are dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest cancer

rehabilitation and lymphedema news. Stay up to date by frequently visiting our members section.

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Cancer rehabilitation and exercise plays a vital role in helping cancer patients return to regular activity, home life and work both during and after cancer treatment. 

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As a Division we strive to ...


Advocate for the unique role of physiotherapists in the continuum of cancer care.

Improve Accessibility

Ensure that patients have unencumbered access to cancer rehabilitation services.


Provide its members with opportunities for networking and collaboration.


Promote ongoing professional development in the field of cancer rehabilitation.

Improve Awareness

Increase public awareness of the benefits of physiotherapy in the care of cancer patients and survivors.


Encourage the development and publication of research within the field of oncology.

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